Saturday, September 21, 2013



Check the opening scene of my newest story.
It'll go live on the most popular online bookstores next week. 

I can’t sleep. It’s too hot. Summer nights are the worst. I close my eyes for the nth time hoping to relax. I see the S&P 500 Index chart. The red arrow is plunging fast. I open them again. It’s almost 3AM. My room is pitch black and silent. The AC is on. Why can’t I sleep? I have a big meeting early in the morning. My clients need reassurance in the middle of this global crisis. I need to rest or I won’t function tomorrow. They expect to meet with the heartless financial genius they’ve hired to take care of their investments not a bloodshot-eyed sleepyhead.
Oh, that’s ridiculous! I can’t take a sleeping pill now. It’s too late. There’s a pleasant solution, though. I open my drawer to get my vibrator. I find the rubber dildo easily. I always keep it handy. I sit up against the headboard and get comfortable. I turn it on at high speed. This is not about having a long session with my BFF. This is about having the job done quickly so I can get some fucking sleep. Come to think of it, it’s a lot like most of my ex-boyfriends’ approach to sex.
I rub the huge purple head around my pussy, creating some friction and lubricating myself for the main event. The fake dick is wide and I’m tight so I need it. I lean my head back on the padded headboard and picture my gorgeous P.A.’s body under me. Danny has just graduated from Harvard Business. He used to be a jock there, rowing team and he’s got a body to match the stereotype. His big cock makes my toes curl when it fills my pussy up. It’s my favorite kind of cock, actually. I've been using his dick for a while now, when I get tired of the vibrator. He doesn't complain at all. Why would he? He's got to fuck his hot boss with no strings attached. I don't have time or energy for relationships. I've got a business to run, you know.
I insert the dildo and move it against my front wall. The crooked tip feels great against it. My pussy starts to quiver, my breathing gets heavier. This vibrator never fails me. I can feel a big one coming. Then the batteries die."

This is the story of a burnt-out stock broker from New York. She's having a hard time managing her business and dealing with her sexual frustrations. Her P.A., who is her current lover, and her favorite dildo are not getting the job done. Her clients are hysterical. They demand her attention 24/7 and expect her to solve the world's economic crisis.
She’s frustrated and on the verge of a nervous breakdown when a new employee calls her attention. She finds herself having wet dreams about a delightful round butt and a pair of big breasts. She daydreams about soft thighs and long legs. The thing is, though, she’s never slept with a woman. She had never even considered it before. 

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